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SNTAJ INC. is a Canadian agro food exporting company that specializes in trading Canadian commodities all over the world. Our commitment is to provide the best Canadian agro products.

Canada is world renowned for its leading quality of agricultural commodities and SNTAJ INC. provides these agro products at a competitive price. We trade agro products for human and animal consumption. Our products feature pulses (Rice, Canola, Beans, Peas, Lentils and Chick Peas), canary seeds, specialty Crops, and bird food and etc. Each of our team members is committed to providing excellent service to our clients around the world.

"Supplier of Quality"SNTAJ INC. specializes in sourcing and delivering Canadian agricultural commodities to buyers worldwide.

We are a global, result-oriented firm and our chief focus is providing the best quality of commodities to our clients and our renowned as the “Supplier of Quality”. At SNTAJ, we are committed to exceed our client’s expectations and building long-term relationships which each of our clients.

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SNTAJ INC. markets:

"Supplier of Quality"

- Bulk/Bagged pulses(beans, lentils, chickpea & peas), birdfoods & canary seeds.

- Beans (Dark Red Kidney, Faba, Light Red Kidney, White Pea, Black, Great Northern, Dutch Brown, etc.)

- Chickpeas (Desi & Kabuli)

- Peas (Yellow, Green, Marrowfat, Maple , etc.)

- Lentils (Laird, Eston, Richlea, Red, etc.)

- Birdfoods

- Soyabeans (Non-GMO varieties)

Links to our web section: Products · Contact Us